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Theodore C. Houdek,

Lawyer LLC



As a lawyer for more than 20 years, I have focused my efforts on helping vulnerable people.  Whether it be defending Soldiers before courts-martial or helping abused and neglected children; I have focused my advocacy skills on helping those in need.  I have extensive experience, primarily in the fields of juvenile law and military justice matters.  For roughly 12 years, I served in the U.S. Army as an officer/judge advocate, both on active duty and in the Reserves.  During those 12 years, I practiced before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals and served three tours as a Trial Defense Counsel, representing Soldiers at courts-martial and in other military justice matters.  After leaving the Army, I practiced in juvenile courts across northwest Missouri and have extensive experience in completing adoptions and guardianships.  In private practice, I have submitted appeals to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals and have submitted applications to the Army's and Air Force's boards for correction of military records.  Therefore, I have the skills and acumen necessary to help you solve your legal problems and to help get you through some of the most challenging circumstances of your life.  I am eager to help you and ready to fight on your behalf.   


  • Adoptions

  • Guardianships 

 Areas of Practice

Juvenile Law
Military  Law
  • Correction of Military Records

  • Military Criminal Appeals

How to Contact Me

Theodore C. Houdek

Theodore C. Houdek, Lawyer LLC

P.O. Box # 8801

Kansas City, Missouri 64114


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